Client: 20/20 Photography Services

Description: The client is a small company located in Long Island, NY. They provide all general photography services

Objective: The company was looking for a modern style logotype, which should represent something modern, digital and clean

A clean and distinguishable logotype to stand out from the rest of the cliche logos in the photography business. The symbol visualizes the info found in a viewfinder of the professional cameras. The dot represents the focus confirmation point. It suggest about digital technology and professional photography.
Client: ADK TV

Description: A logo for Le Groupe Boombox's project called ADK TV. Le Groupe Boombox is a video production company that specializes in travel and sports television production. ADK TV is a tourist information channel for visitors to the Lake Placid Region of Upstate New York. The design was to appear on a closed circuit tourism information television channel

Objective: a modern, but natural, twist on the themes of outdoors, recreations, travel and exploration.

A logotype incorporating two leaves as part of the letter K to suggest about nature and ecology.
Client: Arcatio

Description: A web development company located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Objective: A clean and modern logotype that suggests about technology and IT business.

Solution: Clean and simple wordmark built by custom made font.
Client: American University in Bulgaria

Description: AUBG announced a contest for a logo of their sport teams (football, baseball, basketball etc.) called Griffins. This project was developed together with Flo from, who did some very nice work on the text part of the logo (which you may see below). And I had to come up with a symbol according to the contest requirements. We wanted a final logo style typical for the american college sport teams.

Solution: A stylized griffin in agressive pose with an appropriate font to support it.
Client: Big Wave

Description: The client is a privately funded project working to provide programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities, as well as live-work opportunities for developmentally disabled adults and commercial spaces for locally owned businesses.

Objective: A simple but not too corporate logo, visualizing the idea of the big wave that is going to change the way people live and think within their community.

Solution: A design ispired by the keywords - change and wave.
Client: Binary Path

Description: The client is a software development company located in England

Objective: A crisp and clear, vibrant and forward thinking logo, representing the name and the business of the client

Solution: Stylized 0 and 1 of the binary code with a slight digital feel.

Client: Christoph Rottmann (CR)

Description: The client is a self-employed consultant in document-related technologies, located in Germany.

Objective: The client was looking for a logo to be used on letterhead, business cards and the corporate website. There shouldn't be too many colors, the client wanted to be able to print it in black and white. Blue should be the main color used.

Solution: A strong corporate symbol built by the initials of the clients name.
Client: Colorbox

Description: The client is a small company located in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria. They make videos for some of the most famous pop and folk singers in Bulgaria.

Objective: A clean and modern logo to represent the company and their business.

Solution: A symbol that suggest about television and colors.
Client: Comedy Traffic School

The client is a small online traffic school located in Los Angeles. They provide a course on basic traffic laws to people who want to take a recent traffic ticket off their record.

Objective: The logo is needed to identify the company on their website and printed materials. The logo should show the company name in a clear and memorable way.

Solution: A stylized road to show company's business in a memorable and distinguishable way.
Client: Digitechnics

The client is a small startup company that makes core business and inter-partner communicaton software for small to medium sized Sales Rep organizations and the Manufacturers/Suppliers they represent. Digitechnics is located in southern California, halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Objective: Digitechnics is a modern technology company, but the target clients are small to medium sized manufacturing and sales organizations. The logo must appeal to and identify with these types of clients.

Solution: A logotype ispired by the keywords - connection, networking and technology.
Client: Dimitrovgrad4U

A logo for Dimitrovgrad4U - web forums about the city of Dimitrovgrad.

Objective: A modern and stylish logo to attract the young people from the city.

Solution: Clean and simple logotype, where the accent is on the letters 4U to emphasize the message that these forums are for the people of the city.
Client: Dygor

Description: Small textile company specialized in street and sportswear.

Objective: Logo with emphasis on the symbol.

The symbol represents a man figure in dynamic position suggesting about a brand designed for young and active people.
Client: EGGM Turnaround Partner

Description: The client is a company located in Holland. They support and provide help for managers in change.

Objective: The company was looking for new logo to represent graphically the different parts of their comapny's name. EGG stands for the "golden egg" (symbol of success) that needs to be laid at the end of the process. M stands for "magic" and respresents the route that needs to be taken to get to the "golden egg".

A logotype incorporating the golden egg symbol with the letter M in the form of a crack in the egg. The little stars represent the "magic" that the client wanted in the logotype. We did some interesting stationary for EGGM Turnaround Partner, you may check it out by clicking on their logotype.
Client: Eko Kontorl

A small company located in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria. They provide desinfection and desinsection services.

Objective: Professional looking, at the same time user-friendly logo.

Solution: A logo inspired by the leaves and fall of the leaves, suggesting about ecology and the enviromentally friendly product used by the company in their business.

Client: Expertis

Description: Newly established real estate company based in Dimitrovgrad and Haskovo, Bulgaria

Objective: Clean and unique symbol representing their business.

Symbol that incorporates the first letter of their name "e" and a stylized house.

<< click on the logo for more examples of the logo and some cool stationary
Client: Faveo Foundation

Description: The client is a Bulgarian foundation based in Dimitrovgrad. They organize mainly local charity events and work along with the municipality on variaty of government's infrastructural programs

Objective: Very light logo with a sense of a human touch.

Solution: A handwritten wordmark.

Client: Forkner Contracting

Description: The client is a designer of high speed digital and complex wiring solutions for the semiconductor industry, located in Portland, Oregon. The company works in the semiconductor industry (like Intel) on products like the Pentium 4 processor. They take the circuit diagram and translate that into the physical shapes that will make the circuit function on the silicon of the microporocessor.

Objective: The logo should give the impression of profesional, competent and highly skilled company.

Solution: A logo that represents technology, circuits, semiconductors, processors.
Client: Intergrup Textile

Description: Newly established company in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria operating in the field of international trade with textile and leather.

Objective: Business style logotype, suitable for branding of the company offices and stores.

A strong and clean symbol with emphasis on the company's initials.
Client: Interior

Description: A logo for Interior LLC, which is a middle-size company located in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria. They are specialized in producing high-quality paints, lacquers, varnishes etc. The new logo is part of their re-branding compaign.

Objective: Colorful and professional looking logotype to represent the company and the different products they produce.

A stylized 3D drop of paint, integrating different colors to represent their different product. Custom made font was used for visualizing the company's name.
Client: Invirix

Description: A small company located in Colorado. They provide RFID tracking and integration software.

Objective: The client wanted a logo that is modern, simple, clean, vivid and bold. The design had to appear on all company branding and advertising (exterior sign, business card, website, print, etc...).

The dots of the I's that interact in a way that conveys tracking and integration.
Client: ISM Music Stars

Description: A newly established music production company located in Spain. Their biggest star is one of the most popular folk singers in Bulgaria - Desi Slava.

Solution: A stylish logo that conveys sense of glamour and style.
Client: Mazulov

Description: Bulgarian construction and joinery company located in Dimitrovgrad.

Objective: Rebranding of their old logo.

The open window represents company business while suggesting about freedom and people with open minds.

Description: Logo for a new small online mortgage company.

Objective: The logo should invoke feelings of an online mortgage company and should be only 2 colors (any colors except for yellow or orange). The client was looking for a top notch logo that will be on a heavy traffic website, a style mix between modern and business professional.

Solution: The form of the house and the internet icon "@", combined to build a new symbol representing the company
Client: Movement

Description: The client is a non-profit church looking for a logo for their evening service. They are located in Raleigh, NC.

Objective: The logo should identify and promote the evening service and should be 2 or 3 colors. It should be also riso compatible. Earth tones, brown, maroon, etc. are preferred.

Solution: Clean and simple logotype with custom made font and with integrated cross insted of the letter T.
Client: Muso Music

Description: A London based music agency run by musicians ("Musos"). The agency is called to book bands to play at various events (i.e. weddings, corporate functions, parties, etc...).

A logo that represents music, trust, professionalism, confidence and quality.

Solution: A symbol made of equalizer bars that form two capital M's

Client: NewEventic

Description: Bulgarian company located in Sofia that provides event planning services.

Objective: Logo representing their business and the fact that they do mostly wedding parties.

The letter "N" being written by two hearts.
Client: Noor

Description: 10-year old German real estate sales/rental broker specializing in exclusive apartments and houses for sale and rent.

Objective: The client was looking for a logo to be used on letterhead, business cards, the corporate website, greeting cards, stamps, flags, and displays. The word "noor" means "light" or "glory light".

Solution: Clean and simple wordmark built by a custom made font.
Client: Ovosuite

Description: The client is an online virtual office suite. The company itself is located in GoldCoast, Australia.

Objective: A professional logo that incorporates office elements and symbols. The design was to appear on company website.

Solution: A stylized office symbol like the paper-clip to represent the virtual office suit.
Client: Powerplay

A Bulgarian brand for casual clothes.

Objective: Symbol incorporating the letter "P"

Solution: A clean symbol with stylish wordmark that could be easily printed or embroidered on different materials.
Client: Prestige

Description: A small company located in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria. They provide different kinds of computer embroidery services to the local textile companies.

Client: Prestige Building

Description: The client is a small real estate agency located in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria.

Objective: To create a new logo that will help the company expand their business in England and that will make it look more appealing to the foreign clients. The logo needed to be simple and distinguishable, something very different from the cliche logos of the other real estate agencies.

Solution: The letters are aligned in a way that will make them look as houses by the road. A roof on top of the I was used to emphasize that effect.

Client: ProIT

A consulting firm who provides computer consulting/system integration services and co-location and web hosting services located in Sydney, Australia.

Objective: A simple, modern and professional logo, that differs from the usual IT style logotypes.
Client: ScotteVest

Description: The client is a high tech clothing retailer of Technology Enabled Clothing (r) located in Idaho.

Objective: The design should show the logo in conjunction with the name "SCOTTeVEST." The logo should reflect quality, established brand, functionality, and "kewlness."

Solution: A modern and high-tech looking symbol that incorporates the initials of the company name.

Description: The client is a newly established webhosting company located in Hague, Nitherlands. The logo should be used as a start of their company brand, and will appear on the website and all the advertising materials.

Professional and modern logo, to stand out and be recognizable without the text

Inspiration: A logo that represents the way racks of the servers are positioned.
Pseudo Client: Union Bank

Description: Union Bank announced a contest for their new logo. This is the logotype submitted by 2miniml for their contest. We didn't win but this fact didn't stop Union Bank an year later to use almost the same logo (of course without paying). Here is the current logo at their official website. There is only a slight difference, which makes their act look a lot like a theft.

Objective: To show that even large corporate clients could act as a small time crooks in certain circumstances. Fellow designers, be very careful when participating in logo design contest.
Client: Vaestro

Description: The client is a new software and web services company located in Sequim, Washington.

Objective: The client needed the logo to accompany the launch of their cutting edge new media website and they need a simple, sharp, professional logo.

Solution: Simple, sharp, professional, web 2.0 type of  logo.

Description: The client is a podcast network with original programming and video submissions. The company itself is located in Miami, Florida

Objective: Logo style that is fun and memorable and that will appeal to teens and young adults. The logo should be energetic, fun and make people smile and want to visit the website.

Solution: Modified font and antennas as part of the "Y" to suggest about transmission and podcasting.

Description: The client is an online retail store selling artisan wines.It was launched to offer boutique wines from around the world. Professional wine buyers are dedicated to presenting small production artisan wines that are handcrafted and in limited supply (hard to find and rarely found elsewhere).

Objective: Logo to represent their new website

Solution: Letter "V" incorporated in a grape cluster

Client: Vision Media

Description: New outdoor advertising agency located in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria.

Objective: Interesting and non-standard logotype for an outdoor advertising, connected with the name of the company.

Logo representing blurred citylights and making connection with the company's name.
Client: Woody's Appliance Repair

Description: The client is an appliance repairman company looking for a logo for their company. They are located in northern Arizona. The logo will appear on storefront, business cards, website, letterhead, etc...

Objective: A logo that suggest about client's business.

Solution: Two nuts insted of O's to represent company's business in a professional and memorable way.
Client: YLF Software Solution

The client is a software development company located in Sillicon Valley. They provide software development service to companies who wish to expand their development but who do not have the means or the inclination to hire new engineers

Objective: The logo should provide a sense of professionalism and convey a feeling of reliability. At the same time since the company deals with high tech companies they want the logo to reflect the fact.

A symbol combining the 3 letter from the company's name in a way that forms a clean and professional looking symbol.