Client: AngloBalkan

Description: The Company operates within the commercial property sector as 'Property Consultants.' Their main activity involves the assessment and evaluation of all property matters, mainly - but not exclusively - for foreign investors.

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Client: Desi Slava

Description: Desislava is one of the most famous pop-folk singers in Bulgaria. This is her official website with a lot of information about her upcoming concerts, news, biography, albums and extras for the fans.

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Free work for: Municipality of Dimitrovgrad

We did the design tamplate for Dimitrovgrad municipality's website to help a friend. The website itself offers a lot of functionality and information for the citizens as well as some online services.

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Client: iCaseStudy

Description: iCaseStudy is a company that provides live case studies to universities. Students become executive decision makers of participating companies. They assist entrepreneurs in taking concept/ideas to market.

To support their new website the client needed 3 visuals to represent different aspects of their case studies:

1. Case Studies for Capitalists
2. Case Studies for Enterprenuers
3. Case Studies for Universities

Client: Peak Software Consulting

Description: Website for a Peak Software Consulting, a company that has worked along with developers with experience in Pocket PC development, embedded systems, MS Windows application development, and real-time systems.

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A website offering web hosting services

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Client: Municipality of Dimitrovgrad

Description: This is a website to support a PHARE project won by the minicipality of Dimitrovgrad.

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